The Extravaganza Benefits Southeast Theatre and Dance Students

Mar 13, 2018

It’s a rare opportunity when taking in entertainment directly helps students make it big, but that’s just what the annual Theatre & Dance Extravaganza is all about. 

The Extravaganza is a night of entertainment, including acting, singing, and dancing, for a good cause. Funds raised allow graduating seniors to go to New York City or Los Angeles to showcase their talents and network with agents, managers, and casting directors as they launch their careers.

"Hi there, my name is Kaitlin Gant. I'm a student at Southeast Missouri State and a theatre major on the River Campus. We are so thankful to the donors that come to the Extravaganza. One, we put on a great show for them -- acting, singing dancing. And the money we raise from the event  gets students like me [the opportunity] to go to New York and LA and showcase our talents for talent agencies.

We are going to workshops, we're going to meet casting directors, cold readings, singing, dancing. My goal is to go to LA, so being able to visit LA for a week and see what it's like and being able to meet casting directors, meet other people in the business that are actually working in the business's a great opportunity."

Singing and dancing and support students? That’s hard to pass up. Plus, dinner and an auction is included. You can visit to reserve your seat. As always, I hope to see you soon at the Box Office!