Dean Of Students Office Shares Concern About Open Sources Of Alcohol

Aug 21, 2018

Credit Katelyn Mary Skaggs

With the start of the new school year, Southeast students received an email from the Dean of Students Office in reference to open sources of alcohol at parties. The email mainly addressed a concern to students about one drink in particular known as “Jungle Juice.”

Associate Dean of Students Randy Carter says the drink is typically made in a large container with sugary juices and hard grain alcohol.

“At the first of last year we had several students transported to the ER for over-intoxication and several of those incidents had been related to jungle juice set out at parties,” he said in an interview.

Carter said one cup of jungle juice can equal four to five normal drinks.

Carter recommends students stay away from any type of open sources of alcohol, and if students plan to partake in drinking, they should open their own drinks.

“We really want students to avoid open sources of alcohol,” Carter said. “What we really want students to do is open their own beer, wine cooler.”

The email topic was also approached because of the relationship between drinking and sexual violence.

“We want males and the people that are committing these acts to know that a person that is incapacitated cannot give proper consent for sexual contact,” he said. “I mention the males a lot because in a vast majority of our cases the respondent or the accused student are male.”

He said first few weeks of the school year is known as the “red zone,” because of the increase in sexual violence.

“Sexual violence can happen at any time throughout the semester, but that first two to three weeks is crucial because people are in a new environment,” Carter said.