AT&T Announces 150 Job Openings at Cape Girardeau Call Center

Aug 24, 2017

More than 250 job openings are coming to AT&T in Missouri. At a press conference Wednesday in Cape Girardeau, John Sondag, president of AT&T Missouri announced the company will hire 150 people to fill its call centers in Cape Girardeau, and an additional 100 in Springfield.

The announcement comes on the heels of a labor agreement earlier this year between AT&T and the Communications Workers of America to employ 3,000 people in the Southwestern part of the state. Sondag said support from area politicians makes it easier for companies like his to operate in Missouri.

“A lot of very business-friendly environment, atmosphere, regulations that allows companies like us and many others to be able to go ahead and invest, knowing that they’re going to be able to earn a decent return on that investment,” Sondag said.


Sondag said, AT&T will see an increase in their workforce as a result of the new recruits joining the existing 8,500 employees at the company. Earlier this year, AT&T hired nearly 230 new employees to its call centers, retail stores and service technicians in Missouri.


A hiring event will be held at the Osage Center in Cape Girardeau on Oct. 26, from 10 a.m.-4 p.m.