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Lindsey is a student at Southeast Missouri State University, studying a Bachelor of Arts in Music and a minor in Mass Communication. She spends her time discovering new music, strolling about Cape Girardeau’s antique shops, and gardening. You can see her perform with the Jazz ensembles at Southeast’s River Campus. Lindsey’s dream career is to be a voice actress. As she awaits her big break, she hopes to retain jobs in on-air hosting, DJ-ing, and performing as a young adult. Or for the rest of her life.

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If you’ve ever made a visit to the Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington D.C., you would likely remember the reflective black granite, the gentle sloping shape of the wall, and over 58,000 etched names of those who gave their lives in the Vietnam War.

Perryville, Missouri, is now home to the only full-scale replica of this memorial wall. With the last panels installed last week, phase 1 of the development of Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial (MNVM) is complete.

Shealah Craighead,

--Updated at 8:25a.m., Tuesday--

President Trump has called off his visit to Cape Girardeau.

Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. announced today via a press release that the ‘Make America Great Again’ rally scheduled to take place at the Show-Me-Center Thursday night has been canceled. The press release cited safety concerns with Hurricane Florence’s approach to the east coast later this week as the reasoning behind the cancellation.

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On this episode of Going Public, we talk with Mary Becker, who recently authored a report by the Missouri Hospital Association that outlines the risk of primary care shortage for rural Missouri. 

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Every month, we sit down with Cape Girardeau mayor Bob Fox to find out what’s happening in city government. In our latest conversation, we discussed how the city is becoming more developer-friendly, the final approval of a TIF project on the Esquire Theatre, and the possibility of a new sculpture for Ivers Square. We also talk about the quarterly crime report.

Amid reports of sexual abuse by Catholic priests across the state of Pennsylvania, the Springfield-Cape Girardeau diocese in Missouri launched a review on all of their personnel files last weekend.