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John Mehner is the President and CEO of the Cape Chamber.

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As the competition for workers remains fierce, employers are looking outside traditional labor pools.

In the Cape – Jackson metro area, there are more open positions than available workers. We are urging employers to look at various non-traditional sources for help. A couple of these methods are gaining steam and having positive results in other areas of the state and country.

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What started as in idea in 1975 has become a valuable tool in the area’s economic development infrastructure.

The Southeast Missouri Regional Port Authority is located in Scott City on the Cape Girardeau County / Scott County line. A cornerstone of the Port’s development came in 1985 when more than 70% of voters in the two counties approved a one quarter cent sales tax that sunset in 1990.

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People often ask me – just how young is too young?

When it comes to preparing tomorrow’s workforce, there is no such thing as too young. Education and training must start at an early age and continue throughout life. The Chamber is very focused on doing our part to help in this process and working with our partners to achieve a better outcome.

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The Chamber wants to be sure YOU understand how glad we are to see you!

Since 1873, students and faculty alike have made their way to the campus of Southeast Missouri State University to begin a new semester and a life changing experience. This year will be no different. On behalf of the regional business and professional community, we want to welcome you and express our appreciation for all you bring to strengthen our area. Our partnerships with the University are numerous and our relationships run deep.

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What are Intrapreneurs and are they good for your organization?

In the last several years, the term “Intrapreneurs” has become more widely known. Intrapreneurs are employees within an organization who are not likely to start their own enterprise, but who apply the essential principles of entrepreneurship to their positions in the business.