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The cough method of CPR, the danger of the HPV vaccine, cancer-causing Nutella and the Zika virus conspiracy are just a few of the most popular health related posts on Facebook. They are also dangerous because they are highly inaccurate.

According to Pew Research, 62% of U.S. adults get their news on social media. This led to “fake news” problems often cited during the last election cycle, but studies have recently confirmed that fake health news shared on Facebook is more frequently read than accurate stories from reliable sources.

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Well-known locals raised over $39,000 Saturday night at the Dancing With Show Me Stars fundraiser event for the Community Caring Council. The growing cultural diversity in Cape Girardeau showed through performances ranging from the cha-cha, to b-boy, to african tribal fusion. We watched contestants cut the rug for this audio postcard. We begin with the event coordinator, Dwana Leible.


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President Taft was the first chief-of-state to visit Cape Girardeau.
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It seems like almost yesterday that President William Howard Taft visited Cape Girardeau. His purpose was to promote the deepening and stabilization of the Mississippi River channel.

A Harte Appetite: Caviar

Jul 30, 2018
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While he was Tsar of Russia, Peter the Great had his ambassador deliver a gift of fine caviar to Louis XV, King of France.  When, with great ceremony, the young monarch tasted his first mouthful of the precious stuff, he became nauseated and promptly spit it out on the carpet at Versailles.

These days even a royal might think twice about such unmannerly behavior, for caviar is, as Inga Saffron notes in her detailed history of those fabulous fish eggs, “the world’s most coveted delicacy.”

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You may not have noticed the beautiful Magnolia trees near our historic Old St. Vincent’s Church but they are blooming and have a refreshing aroma. When you see the excitement that the trees bring to visitors of the area it takes on a whole new appreciation.