Generation Listen KRCU

Generation Listen KRCU

WE ARE GENERATION LISTEN. Generation Listen KRCU is a movement to connect our local NPR station with younger audiences who share our curiosity about the community we serve.  We believe a great story can change your day, your life and the world. It is our connective tissue and our common denominator. It is a reflection of who we are, and who we want to become: critical, empathetic, educated, involved and values-driven. It’s about looking at the past 40+ years of integrity-driven content NPR has created and inciting the next 40 using the tools of today, with an eye on tomorrow.


To support the growth of KRCU, our local NPR station by being the volunteer young adult demographic of the listening area. To help in station events and activities throughout our community, and aid in the raising of support for continued quality service, and assist in being another friendly face of the KRCU family. 

Contact/Engagement information:
Twitter: @KRCU_GenListen

Generation Listen Leadership Board:
Dan Presson, Chair
Tyler Wolfsberger, Vice Chair
Abbie Fieser, Secretary 
Aaron Eisenhauer
William Lindman
Jill Sanders
Eric Starzinger
Emma Wolfsberger
Alex Jackson, Ex Officio
Dan Woods, Ex Officio