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You might see a lot of people wearing red tomorrow, and they aren’t just getting a jump on Valentine’s Day.

Because heart disease was considered “a man’s disease” but killing over half a million American women a year,  in 2004 the American Heart Association created Go Red For Women. The goal is to dispel the myths and raise awareness of heart disease & stroke as the number one killer of women. Go Red also wants  action to save more lives and was designed to empower women to take charge of their heart health.

Did you go to a New Year’s Eve Party? Can you believe that happened THIS MONTH?

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When we hear the term trauma in the context of health, we often think of a trauma ward, or emergency room, for people who have have been in accidents. And it’s right that we should think of people with physical injuries, as The Encyclopedia of Healthcare Management notes the word trauma originated from the Greek word for wound. However, emotional trauma can also have physical health effects. 

The number of influenza cases in Sainte Genevieve County has reached a record high.  The county’s health department reported 101 lab-confirmed flu cases over the week of Christmas, 79 the following week, and 90 so far this week. Nearly 340 total cases have been reported for 2018, twice as many than were reported this time last year, and 90% have been confirmed Type A Influenza.


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If, like the majority of Americans, you take a daily multivitamin to make up for a suboptimal diet and promote wellness, you may want to change your routine.