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Counting Bugs In Panama? Get Out Your Tree Raft

Dec 14, 2012

There are more species of insects than pretty much anything else in the world. And scientists know there are millions they haven't even identified yet. Now, in a tropical rainforest in Panama, a multinational team of scientists has just completed the first ever insect census.

Scott Miller, an entomologist at the Smithsonian who worked on the Panama, shows off one of the species from the survey that's at the National Museum of Natural History's insect zoo in Washington, D.C.

Study: Missouri Among Least Healthy States

Dec 13, 2012
United Health Foundation

Missouri is one of the least healthy states, according to a new report by the American Public Health Association and the United Health Foundation.The Show Me State ranked 42nd.

Missouri has a high smoking rate, a sedentary lifestyle, an expanding waistline, low public health care spending and low immunization coverage.

That’s why the United Health Foundation ranked Missouri as one of the most unhealthy states.

Report: Missourians Are Changing Opinions On Medicaid, ACA

Dec 13, 2012
David DeHoey / Flickr

The Missouri Foundation for Health, or MFH, released new polling results that reveal Missouri voters’ views on healthcare reform.

The results showed that Missourians are more knowledgeable of the Medicaid program and that 71% view the program favorably. 

MFH policy analyst Thomas McAuliffe says part of this support comes from the awareness of rising healthcare costs. A program like Medicaid, McAuliffe says, cuts costs for both the insured and the uninsured.

St. Francis Medical Center’s Expansion Begins Construction

Nov 29, 2012
St. Francis Medical Center

The St. Francis Medical Center of Cape Girardeau held a groundbreaking ceremony for their Building on Excellence project this Wednesday.

Scientist Alex Berezow On The Anti-Scientific Left

Nov 23, 2012
Alex Berezow / Twitter

The Republican party - and conservatives - are often characterized in the media as being “anti-science” due to their views on evolution, climate change and stem cell research.