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Ed Sheeran's syrupy, Grammy-winning single "Thinking Out Loud" is now at the center of two lawsuits.

The ginger troubadour was first sued over the hit song last year by the heirs of Edward Townsend, Jr., a co-writer of Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On," which they claim "Thinking Out Loud" cribs from enough to warrant a lawsuit.

This week we've got new music from The Jayhawks. Singer/songwriter Gary Louris over the years has collaborated as a songwriter with a number of high profile musicians like Jacob Dylan and The Dixie Chicks. Back Roads and Abandoned Motels features his band’s take on some of those songs. Plus new music from Mitski, Saintseneca and more. 

Fun in the Sun in Cape Girardeau

Jun 25, 2018
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Cigarettes After Sex have a new song, "Crush," recorded at the same time they recorded their outstanding self-titled album released last year, and it's so good that it could have been the standout track on it. There's no official video at this time but its moody atmospheric sound lends itself well to visuals, as demonstrated by a couple of well-produced fan edits. 

Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

Yesterday, a B-25 bomber nicknamed “Maid in the Shade” made its way to the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport as part of a nationwide tour by the Commemorative Air Force. It was built in 1944, and flew 15 combat missions over Italy during World War II. You'll hear from a current crewmember and two veterans who had the opportunity to take a short ride in the aircraft in this audio postcard.

Bob Taylor | Commemorative Air Force, Crew Captain on the B-25