As Trump Declares National Emergency To Fund Border Wall, Democrats Promise A Fight

Updated at 6:15 p.m. ET Calling it "a great thing to do," President Trump declared a national emergency on Friday in order to help finance a long-promised wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. It's a highly unusual move from an unconventional president. In circuitous remarks in the Rose Garden, Trump said he was declaring an emergency because of "an invasion of our country with drugs, with human traffickers, with all types of criminals and gangs." The move came a day after Congress approved a...

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Southeast Athletics

Two-Minute Drill: Redhawks Baseball Ready for Opening Day

Believe it or not, it’s baseball season. And Opening Day for the Redhawks is here. The SEMO Baseball team opens its season today, as Western Michigan comes to town for a three-game series. And before the season even began, the Redhawks have already started racking in national recognition.

Senior left-handed pitcher Aaron Stretch was named to the 2019 National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association Stopper of the Year Preseason Watch List. A native of Gilbert, Arizona, Stretch is...

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S&P Gives Illinois Lowest Credit Rating In The Country

Jan 25, 2013

Standard and Poor's has downgraded Illinois' General Obligation Bond rating to the lowest of any state in the nation.

S&P says Illinois' rating is A-minus with a negative outlook because of the state's ongoing pension problems. State Treasurer Dan Rutherford says bond rating agencies - like S&P - have been issuing negative outlooks for Illinois since the legislature approved an income tax increase in January 2011 that hasn't fulfilled its projected revenue boost for the state.

Senator Blunt On Recent Military Decisions

Jan 25, 2013
United States Marine Corps Official Page / Flickr

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt says he supports women serving in combat roles in the military. The Republican called the move "inevitable."

MHTC Chairman Proposes One-Cent Tax Increase To Add $8 Billion For Transportation Needs

Jan 25, 2013
St. Public Radio / MODot

A proposal is being floated by the head of the state’s Highways and Transportation Commission that would raise nearly $8 billion for Missouri’s transportation needs. It consists of a one-cent sales tax that would be in effect for 10 years, and would need approval from both the legislature and Missouri voters.

MHTC chairman Rudy Farber says if approved, $1 billion would be set aside for expanding I-70 from four to six lanes between Wentzville and Independence.

Nixon Hopes To Expand Education Funding

Jan 24, 2013
Scott Harvey / KSMU

Governor Jay Nixon says his budget for next year will expand funding for education for Missouri students of all ages.

Julia Holter Creates Solitary Beauty On Ekstasis

Jan 24, 2013

Julia Holter studied composition at the California Institute of the Arts and grabbed the attention of a number of avant music-enthusiasts, including the ever-exploring Lars Gottrich of NPR Music, with her 2011 debut titled Tragedy.

In Order To Live With People, Canines Evolved To Love Carbs

Jan 24, 2013

These days, a trip down the dog food aisle of your local pet store or supermarket can be a little overwhelming. There are hundreds of brands out there, catering to – let's be honest – every dog owner's taste: everything from generic kibble to organic nuggets.

There are even dog food cookbooks and specialty gourmet shops for people who want their pets to eat as well – or better – than they do.

How did we get here? The first step happened thousands of years ago, when meat-eating wolves evolved to tolerate people – and their more starchy, plant-based diet.

New Bill Would Require Registering Guns With School

Jan 23, 2013
Missouri Senate

Legislation filed in the Missouri Senate would require parents to notify their kids’ schools if they are gun owners.

If passed, parents would have to provide written notification that they own a firearm within 30 days of enrolling their child in school or within 30 days of becoming a gun owner if the child is already enrolled.  Failure to do so would result in a $100 fine. Supporters say it would address gun violence in Missouri’s urban areas, particularly in St. Louis and Kansas City.

New Ballooning Record Set In Antarctica

Jan 23, 2013
Washington University

Scientists set a new ballooning record Wednesday in Antarctica. The two-ton Super TIGER balloon has now been afloat for 45 days, breaking the previous record on the frozen continent. The balloon carries equipment that collects data about cosmic rays from deep in the universe.

IRA Charitable Rollover

Jan 23, 2013

The IRA charitable rollover is an opportunity for those eligible to make a gift to a charity of their choice, like KRCU. We asked Trudy Lee to give us the details about the IRA charitable rollover.  

The IRA charitable rollover legislation allows you to transfer lifetime gifts up to $100,000 using funds from your individual retirement account (IRA) without undesirable tax effects. You may contribute funds this way through December 31, 2013, if:

Emerson Resigns; Special Election Set For June

Jan 23, 2013
U.S. Representative Jo Ann Emerson
U.S. House of Representatives

Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson officially resigned on Tuesday morning. She submitted her letter of resignation to Governor Jay Nixon and House Speaker John Boehner.

Governor Nixon set a special election for June 4.

“I am honored to serve the people of the Eighth Congressional District since 1996. They are an outstanding example of the very best our American communities have to offer: smart, strong citizens who are always ready to lead,” Emerson said in a written statement. “At a time when the popularity of Congress hovers in the single digits, it has never been more important for us to instill their virtues in our elected representatives.  Congress is the branch of government closest to the people.  We must strive to make it representative of us and our national desire to accomplish great things together.”

Under Missouri state law the state needs at least 10 weeks to set up an election but Missouri Secretary of State spokesperson Liz Abram-Oldham says federal law requires closer to 120 days.

“And that’s just to make that our military personnel, and especially military personnel overseas, and any other Missouri citizens who would be affected by this vote that are overseas, do have the opportunity,” Abram-Oldham said. “We don’t want to disenfranchise anyone just to get someone in office faster.”

Emerson had served Missouri’s 8th Congressional District since 1996. District party committees will select their nominees to run in the special election in the heavily Republican district. Peter Kinder, Lloyd Smith, Sarah Steelman, Todd Richardson and Jason Smith are among a group of thirteen Republicans who are vying for their party’s nomination.

Below is the text of Representative Emerson’s resignation letters to Gov. Nixon and Speaker Boehner. 


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Love Is: A Crowdsourced Valentine's Day Poem

Instead of greeting cards and chocolates this Valentine's Day, poet Kwame Alexander has packaged up for you a poem inspired by kids' definitions of love. Last month, NPR asked elementary and high school teachers to give the following prompt to their students: "Love is ... " Students then filled in the blank with a line or, in some cases, a whole poem. Teachers from around the country submitted what their students wrote; NPR received more than 2,000 entries. Alexander read through them and...

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